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I understand how hard it can be to reach out for help and face the challenges of life, but through my experiences, I have seen healing and change happen firsthand. I look forward to helping you make that change in your life.   -Dana Zienert Kind, LMFT

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Adult, Adolescent, and Group Psychotherapy Services
My name is Dana Zienert Kind, LMFT, and I am dedicated to providing a place where you can openly express your needs.
I work with adults and adolescents, building adaptive coping skills to help them work through the many struggles that life can present. Through individual psychotherapy services, as well as group therapy, I have seen change happen firsthand. 

Dana Zienert Kind, LMFT, has over 13 years of experience providing psychotherapy services in Los Angeles. Through her many years of education and training, she has gained an expertise in the areas of Autism Spectrum Disorder, trauma, self-esteem, depression, and relationship issues. Specializing in helping adolescents and adults struggling with suicidal ideations and low self-esteem, Dana Zienert Kind, LMFT, is ready to empower patients and build the confidence needed to succeed. 

Trauma Therapy
Dana Zienert Kind, LMFT, has extensive training working with people who have experienced past traumatic events, helping them navigate through current life changes and transitions. Her Los Angeles psychotherapy services provide the needed trauma therapy and a place for you to talk freely about the traumatic events and how they impact you. 

Los Angeles Psychotherapy
Finding the courage to speak up can be difficult, which is why it is so important to find someone you can trust. Dana Zienert Kind, LMFT, can help you build adaptive coping skills to assist you with the challenges and stressors of everyday life. For more information on individual (pre-teen, teen, and adult) psychotherapy services, as well as group therapy services (including empowerment groups.)
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