I help couples who are dealing with a variety of issues including: communication and emotional connection difficulties, sexual problems, infidelity, separation, divorce, and parenting skills.  I will work with you to develop a healthier and stronger relationship.

Child and Adolescent Therapy

Psychotherapy Services

Individual  Therapy

I believe individual therapy can be helpful for all of us, as it is an unbiased place where you can talk freely about what is negatively impacting you.  Whether you are dealing with issues such as depression, grief and loss, anxiety, past traumatic events, life transitions, low self esteem or body image issues; we will work together to help you feel better and improve your life.  

Couples Therapy

Empowerment Groups

I have worked with many teenagers to help them deal with the multitude of issues that can trouble teenagers during this time of identity exploration and life transition. I have extensive experience in helping teens with peer problems, behavioral issues, improving body image and self esteem, and decreasing depression.  

I have also worked with many children and teenagers on the autistic spectrum, helping them to build their confidence, social skills, and to share their interests and enjoyments with others.  

I feel it is important to incorporate family therapy as part of my work with children and adolescents to help them improve their communication and understanding of one another.  Therefore I may meet with the parents separately or include parents in sessions as needed.   

​​Women's Process Group:  This weekly group focuses on the many different issues and  stressors that women face.  It provides you with a place to talk to other women who are going through similar issues and stressors.  I structure the groups to fit the needs of the particular members. 

The group sessions focus on topics including the following: 

  • building self esteem
  • establishing a more positive body image 
  • building communication skills
  • establishing healthier lifestyles and coping strategies
  • discussing relationship issues-including dating, sexuality, etc.
  • exploring career goals and stressors

Middle School/Teenage Girls' Groups: These weekly groups focus on building girls' self esteem and body image through a variety of activities. The girls explore their current views about themselves and identify more adaptive ways of coping with teen issues. They learn to work with each other and gain support from one another while they build confidence in who they are.

​The group sessions focus on topics including the following:  

  • establishing a positive mindset
  • ​building a more positive body image
  • increasing communication skills and learning strategies for negativity or bullying from peers
  • building healthier relationships with friends
  • increasing adaptive coping strategies for stress, anxiety, and depression