You are not alone!  Get the benefit of talking to others who are also looking to make changes and improve their lives...



Is your child or teen showing changes in his/her behavior?  Depressed? Exhibiting low self esteem? Having trouble with friends?

Adolescent Psychotherapy

Have you been feeling depressed?  Are you wanting to improve your self esteem or coping skills?  Could you use some help with your relationship?

Adult Psychotherapy

Dana Zienert Kind, LMFT
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I understand how hard it can be to reach out for help and face the challenges of life, but through my experiences, I have seen healing and change happen firsthand. I look forward to helping you make that change in your life.   

Dana Zienert Kind, LMFT: Family Therapy, Adult Psychotherapy & Child Therapist

Welcome to the office of Dana Zienert Kind. As an experienced adult psychotherapist and child psychotherapist, I am dedicated to helping my clients work through their troubles towards a positive solution, and ultimately a better quality of living. Whether you feel you need individual adult therapy, child therapy, or family therapy, I understand how difficult it can be for people to reach out and seek help. That is why I aim to create an inviting and relaxing psychotherapy environment where my clients can feel safe to open up and work towards self improvement.

I offer a broad range of psychotherapy services for people looking for help. I regularly see individuals, provide couples therapy and family therapy, as well as adolescent and child therapy. Each of these services are uniquely tailored to fit the needs of the individuals involved. Through psychotherapy, my clients discover they have it within themselves to face the issues at hand and make improvements.

I also offer various empowerment groups for women and teen girls. The Women's Process Group meets weekly and focuses on the many different issues and stressors that women regularly face in their  day-to-day lives. The Middle School/Teenage Girls' Groups also meet weekly and focus on providing activities that help girls cope with teen issues, engender a healthy body image while working to boost their self esteem.

Life can come with all kinds of issues that we must all face and work through. It is perfectly normal to feel like you need help. There is no shame in turning to someone for assistance. If you feel that you need individual psychotherapy, family therapy, couples therapy, or have a child or adolescent that needs help from someone who understands and cares, I am here for you. I will use my years of training and experience as a to help you find a path towards a healthier, positive, and productive life. Contact me today by calling (310) 721-7591, or fill out the contact form to schedule your appointment.